An Apple a Day

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An apple a day is no longer enough to have good health. Even more shocking is that even those of us who are mindful and educated about our food choices can no longer derive sufficient nutrition from food alone to stay healthy. Vegetables aren’t fresh enough to provide all our vitamin C and B’s, for example half the vitamin C in a cabbage is lost 6 hours after it comes from the ground.

Our high cow’s milk diet depletes iron as do all foods with phytates (which bind iron) like soya milk and wheat.
Mostly we just don’t have time to grow fresh vegetables, make broth from bones, grind fresh flour for baking(which starts to go rancid after 3 days from grinding, hence the preservatives in flour and commercial breads) and find and gather fresh seasonal wild herbs.

Despite all the food we are eating we aren’t getting enough of the basic building blocks of minerals and vitamins for our bodies to function well and not fall into disease.
The great majority of vegetarians are low in iron and zinc. I don’t wish to be mean to vegetarians but do be proactive with your health, having regular blood tests and hair mineral analysis to check your zinc and the rest of your mineral profile. Zinc and copper are key for hormonal and mental health, and directly affect fertility. (The sperm tails are made of zinc.)

We now have a known epidemic of thyroid/adrenal depletion. The thyroid is easy depleted if we don’t have enough iodine or B vitamins that the body requires on a daily basis as B vitamins cannot be stored. I love the herbal medicines we have for thyroid and adrenal, they give consistent awesome results and it’s so rewarding for me when my patients say those words “I feel great”.

The biggest depletion of B vitamins is stress and also sugar. Hands up all you stress and sugar free people.
Please resist self-medicating with zinc as you will need to know your copper level as one depresses the other. Iron also has a partnership with copper, and an imbalance of either can be a hazard.

Modern naturopathy has the toolbox to assess minerals, vitamins and most importantly gut absorption.
It’s such a big job being a human having a good life and not having our health just makes it all too hard.
Here to help and proudly in service to Herbal medicine for 22 years.

Janine Williams N.D. & M. H.D

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