Beating the Flu and Boosting Immunity

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By Janine Williams ND MHD
June 1, 2010



Scientists in Korea have demonstrated clear anti-viral effects from one of my most treasured herbs: Rhodiola (Sedum roseum).The evidence shows Rhodiola constituents have shown antiviral effects against influenza strain H1N1 (swine flu) and H9N2 (bird flu),also Coxsackie B3 virus.

I prescribe Rhodiola frequently as I love this safe arctic herb with a rose like smell. Rhodi became part of our herbal dispensary after clinical trials showed its ability to significantly reduce fatigue and particularly night shift worker’s fatigue (and that’s all parents with littlies isn’t it?)

Rhodi is an adaptogen herb which means it improves our ability to adapt to life, it decreases anxiety and traditionally is still used for altitude sickness. Rhodi is of great importance for it ability to support the body during chemotherapy, radiotherapy and chronic fatigue syndrome without impacting orthodox drugs.


Echinacea is my most favorite immune enhancing herb, simply brilliant long term to prevent colds and flu, and effective in high dose at the early onset of colds and flu. We prescribe Echinacea in combination with other anti-infective herbs, tailor made for the individual symptom picture.

Many of our patients have said how impressed they are with herbal medicines for their colds and often saying the herbs worked quicker than antibiotics. We aren’t opposed to antibiotics or drug treatments but due to the overuse of antibiotics and resultant creation of antibiotic resistant super bugs, it is a very responsible choice to keep antibiotics for life threatening infections.

As quality is a huge challenge in the herbal industry, we are most fussy about the quality controls of our herbal suppliers, as we are dependent on quality for our results. You get what you pay for and if your bottle of Echinacea is less than $40, I would have questions as to the quality.

I do think the liquid herbs are faster acting than tablets and being able to blend several liquid herbs in one bottle is cost effective, plus we can choose just the right herbal combination for the symptoms.

In the past herbal medicine has had bad press due to incorrectly identified plants, inferior or contaminated growing conditions and inferior manufacturing. You can be assured our practitioner products are of the highest quality possible.

Wishing you life’s greatest gift; good health.
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Janine Williams N.D. & M.H.D.

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