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By Janine Williams ND MHD
Janine Williams
April 28, 2006


Our child patients think this is a lot of fun when they come into the clinic for help. A healthy tongue should look moist, pink and fresh with a thin white coating. It should fit neatly into the mouth. Tongue diagnosis has been practiced by Chinese doctors for thousands of years.

Speaking of children, I’ll come back to the tongue, we derive much pleasure from our Tongue Diagnosis success, especially with children.

We had a young child come into the clinic recently with a constant irritating cough.The child was on a lot of asthma medications and was sick all winter since being a baby. I listened to the lung, having just recently completed an intense post grad upgrade on pulmonary/thoracic signs and symptoms. As I couldn’t hear any asthma signs I deduced the cough may have been a reflux problem. So reflux herbs were designed plus some diet advice and 4 days later the cough was gone. I continue to work with the child and am delighted to see his progress and well being returning.(So is Mum and the whole family.)

Coming back to the tongue,the reason its so helpful as part of our diagnostic toolbox is the tongue produces new cells very rapidly,so if there’s something going wrong elsewhere in the body, the warning signs may well show up on the tongue first.

Different parts of the tongue are supposed to represent different parts of the body. For example the tongue tip corresponds with the heart, the right hand edge with liver and the back with the bladder, kidney.

Heat imbalances are indications of illness. Excessive heat is indicated if the tongue is very swollen and red.Too much cold is indicated by a thin white coating with blue/grey colour.

Just a few of the many tongue signs.

In 20 years in clinic I’m still fascinated by the tongue signs and enjoy the ongoing learning of the body’s symptoms and the individual uniqueness of us all.

Wishing you life’s greatest gift, good health.
Janine Williams N.D & M.H.D

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