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Thank you to you our loyal patients and customers. You make it possible for us to be in service here on Bribie and continue a most ancient tradition of healing with herbal medicines.

We really appreciate your restock orders, feel free to pop in (Brent is always keen for a chat)and will usually post your mail orders the same day.

In response to our patient’s needs we will now be open most Saturday mornings. Occasionally we may have a Saturday commitment for family reasons or my ongoing postgraduate studies. Please feel free to ring the clinic to check our open times which are on our answerphone message and Brent will answer your call on Saturdays, when we are there, which will be 99% of the time.

New Clinic Hours

Hours, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 8-12, afternoon by appointment

Saturday 8-12.

Closed Monday, Thursday, Sunday

Research update

November 2013

• This year we had some breakthrough research regarding probiotics and the importance and implications for our mental/emotional health. This is due partly to the decline of naturally fermented foods in our modern diet.

• Some excellent herbal research demonstrated how certain herbs assist chemotherapy and reduce side effects. We have enjoyed the results with our cancer patients, especially when they feel well all through grueling drug treatments.

• St Johns Wort, which we know has the ability to push drug medication out of the body and hence its caution from the medical world has a research update that demonstrates a huge difference in effect with the tablet form to the liquid form. St Johns in its liquid form does not interfere with drug medication. The medical world will be slow as usual to incorporate this information and will still be asking you what herbs you take if you are having surgery or long term drug treatment. Please be assured we are highly trained to know what drug medications and herbal medicines conflict.

More info

We offer telephone consultation with hair mineral analysis if traveling is not an option.

We take a lot of pleasure from designing Travel Programs so our patients stay well and don’t suffer jet lag or leg circulation issues.



We now have OSTEO PULSE bodywork massage. I have combined my Osteopathic training with Pulsing (gentle body rock) to re-align the spine, stretch muscles, facilitate lymphatic drainage plus create deep relaxation.


Janine Williams N.D. & M.H.D Medical Herbalist, Naturopath

Post graduate trained Ayurvedic and Chinese herbalist.

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