Fix Dog Ailments with Herbal Medicine

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By Janine Williams ND MHD
February 23, 2010

Dogs – Mans Greatest Servant

For twenty years now I have been learning from dogs how to fix doggies ailments with Herbal Medicine.
Through my human patients I have been given the opportunity to learn about dogs and Herbal Medicine. When patients have clearly brilliant results with Herbal Medicine the next obvious step is often ” Can you help my dog ” with there joints, incontinence, thunderstorm stress, skin problems, and so on.

We know that dogs will naturally eat herbs in the wild and herbs are an essential part of their diet so it is not much of a leap to use modern herbal medicines.

We have been repeatedly amazed by some of the results.

The area I love the most is fixing incontinence, which can be a big issue after a bitch is neutered. Ageing dogs often have kidney deterioration from their processed diet (just like us humans)and this can be easily improved with herbs. Doggy joints can be helped with herbal antiinflammatories and we love to hear how limps have gone and increased mobility has meant more outdoor fun for owner and pet. Skin problems in dogs can be a real challenge so we clean the blood and lymphatics and get awesome results.

One doggy patient had lost his hair due to neglect and stress and was heading for doggy heaven when a kindly soul rescued him, the vet did his best but in the end herbs worked much to the owners (and the dogs) delight.

As for cats, have you ever tried to get a cat to take anything it didn’t want to? Enough said.
All dog herbals are designed to have no conflict with any vet medications. An example of some of the herbs used are; Couch, Wormwood, Ginger, Alfalfa, Burdock.

The Range of Doggy Herbals are:

  • Joint mobility
  • Skin saver
  • Bladder control
  • Nerve Soother
  • Thunderstorm Relief
  • Natural Anti Worms
  • Tonic for improved Health

Yours in good health
Janine Williams ND MHD

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