Pregnacy Testimonial

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Hi my name is Joanne (name changed) and I am 34 years of age. In September 2011, I experienced the loss of a baby through a miscarriage at 14 weeks. This was then followed by an emergency D & C and transfusions.

Already a mother of two little ones, my body and health was in need of some recovery. Thanks to a dear friend of mine, she mentioned the work of Janine Williams MD NHD, a medical herbalist. And so began my road to better health and the arrival of our fourth child.

Following the results of hair testing, Janine prescribed herbs, lifestyle changes and a better diet for my recovery.

My previous two pregnancies also involved unexplained bleeding. The fourth pregnancy had no bleeding with a healthy placenta intact. The contractions I experienced during the labour, (following the birthing herbs Janine had given me) were so well spaced that my body had time to rest and recover. And it was only the last two contractions that I felt with effort from my behalf. With my waters not having broken our little boy was born with membranes intact.

Post the birth remaining on the herbs has also aided my recovery, breastfeeding and healing. Such a lovely season of life to be in and enjoy good health. Thanks Janine for sharing your knowledge and passion in the work you do.

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