Restoring and Maintaining Health with Herbal Medicine

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Whats it all about this business called life?
By Janine Williams
January 18, 2010

A new decade begins and brings renewed hope for a better world one would hope so as the media so loves doom and gloom and can suck me into the vortex of despair.

My intention is to practice a deeper level of acceptance and surrender to what I can’t change and have the courage to embrace the lessons and learn. Thank goodness for Ekhart Tolle’s book A New Beginning, it makes me so much bigger around people’s need to be right (the right fight) and their ego. I have taken to a daily random dip into the book for a lift into my place of acceptance instead of hurt.

My 20 years in service as a Medical Herbalist/Naturopath have allowed me the privilege of great intimacy with my patient’s lives. What I have seen is we are all subject to life’s lessons, often hard, painful and expensive. It would seem we only have our attitude (which we choose) and humor to maintain our peace of mind.

Moving onto another subject, do you maintain your car in order to prevent breakdown and have peak efficiency or do you wait until things go seriously wrong? This is your freedom to choose of course. In my work I liken it that of a mechanic. When patients come in with their dashboard lights flickering (tired, irritable, poor sleep, digestive discomfort, headaches and so on) the body is messaging it needs attention and some help. We always address what’s most urgent, (energy is usually easy and quickly restored) as pain is very stressful and so undermines our ability to enjoy life. In the bigger picture we change the oil (clean the blood), put in new spark plugs (care take the adrenal and thyroid), clean the filters (clean the kidney), we tune the motor (rebuild and restore the nerves) and if you want a full de-rust, we clean the liver.

Most of this we achieve with herbal medicine, our most ancient tradition of healing and restoration. We can’t work as fast as your car mechanic because the body takes four months to make blood, so we work patiently and carefully with the body’s own time frame.
The results of herbal medicine are so inspiring, safe and affordable, I just love it. Also it’s an industry that’s beneficial for the planet.

When we work with patients who have serious disease or are on a lot of drugs we have a slightly different approach. Mostly we try to help the drugs work more effectively by supporting the liver (which must process all drugs) and also care take the kidneys so they are not damaged. The result of this is often markedly fewer drug side effects. As the patient moves back to better health we ask them to work with their doctor to reduce their drugs when its needed. Very few herbs interact with drugs and we are highly trained in this area.

It all depends on what help you want, can afford and how proactive you wish to be with your health.

Wishing you life’s greatest gift, good health.

Here to help.

Janine Williams N.D. & M.H.D
Bongaree Naturopathic Clinic

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