Spring Time

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By Janine Williams ND MHDBongaree Naturopathic Clinic September 6, 2010

The Healing Thrill

Twice this week at Bongaree Naturopathic Clinic I had the thrill of those magic words “I didn’t know I could feel this good”, ¬†from two of our new patients after one month of treatment. YES my heart shouts, herbal medicine is awesome. How privileged am I to be part of this 10,000 year old herbal healing legacy? Plus its good for the planet, cheap and totally safe.

As a passionate (is that another word for eccentric?) Medical Herbalist & Naturopath of now 20 years in clinic its still a big satisfaction to help people feel well.

Spring Time, Bitters Time!

Its time for herbal spring tonics. Spring tonic herbs work because our bodies remember our ancestors whose food stores were very low at this time of year. Our ancestors in spring ate lots of herbs (nettle soup for example) and the new leafy green vegetables, some of which were very bitter, like rocket, endive, kale. dandelion etc. These bitters have a reflex on our tongue which stimulate the digestion and the liver.

The Chinese herbalists are big on this bitter stimulation for what is called the gut fire. This gut fire ensures we have robust digestion to absorb all our needed nutrients.

Our modern diets are short on bitters and hence we love our remaining bitters, which are coffee and chocolate. Cocoa in chocolate has a string bitter components. Wishing you life’s greatest gift,good health. Janine Williams N.D. & M.H.D.

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