Spring Time Allergies

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September 12, 2011
Bongaree Naturopathic Clinic News Sept 2011




Springtime, when natures incredible renewal is on display. I always get a thrill seeing the flowers and colours popping up all over Bribie. Its also a time many of us suffer with Spring Time Allergies -sinus,allergy and skin issues.

There are effective herbal solutions for allergy ; herbs like Albizzia, Golden Rod, Eyebright, Baical ,to name a few. We also have an effective homeopathic nasal spray that doesn’t cause rebound congestion.

So if you’d like a safe non drug solution,we can help.


In clinic this year

The most interesting thing in my practice this year has been a succession of plumbers with heavy metal poisoning.  The most common poisoning being copper and lead.

Its been a wonderful journey to see these men regain their health and watching their lives turnaround.

Some hadn’t been able to work,thought they were going mad and the future looked bleak.

Copper poisoning can make people feel like they are going mad and also feel very sick due to its dispalcement of zinc. Zinc is a critical mineral for preventing infection and also male reproductive health.

I think the real kick for me is I understand how one person’s health affects the whole family and those around them.When all else has failed finally we find the solution, the dispair lifts and a light appears at the end of the tunnel.

I still find much satisfaction in being in service to herbal medicine after 20 years. This most ancient safe traditon will continue if I have my wish.


Ear Oil

We are still amazed at the results our seemingly magic ear oil can create for children and adults. Often when several courses of antibiotics haven’t worked. Anytime you able to not use antibiotics helps prevent antibiotic resistant super-bugs from developing. If you do use antibiotics please finish the prescribed course. If you’ve had 2 or 3 courses of antibiotics, is this treatment working for you? You may decide to open up to other options. After all man has survived for a very long time prior to antibiotics created relatively only recently in our modern medical world.


As always wishing life’s greatest gift, good health.

Here to help.

Janine Williams N.D. & M.H.D

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