Summer and Stress

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By Janine Williams
January 31, 2011


How shocking is this year’s summer flooding ?
We might not have our sometimes brutal temperatures but instead its dramatic and scary weather events.
As we realize our lifestyles and homes are so precious and fragile its easy to feel stressed.
Most of us feel safe to the degree we feel we are in control, our fears are being triggered as we see such drastic media images.
Eventually stress will make us exhausted and miserable.
Like a lot of things in life (including stress) a little can be useful but too much can make us sick.

In clinic we are making lots of nervous system support medicines. The ‘nerve herbs ‘ are fantastic.
We have nerve herb choices that are safe for babies; sleepers and soothers like chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, avena to name a few.
For adults the nerve herbs include sleepers, anger and mood soothers, drug withdrawal support, pain and inflammation down regulators.

The results of the nerve herbs are inspiring when we tailor make a herbal medicine and get it just right.
As our nervous systems are unique to us, in herbal medicine one prescription doesn’t fit all.
All of our dispensary herbs with a couple of exceptions are safe to take with drug medications. We are highly trained in this area.

One of our most widely used herbs, hops,which is used to make beer of course, we have it in its herbal form and its exceptional for sleep promotion when woman have hot flushes that wake them.

As we naturally lean more to salads in summer, that’s because raw foods are more cooling.
In particular cucumber,celery,watermelon,pears,coconuts,banana,chickpeas and lentils all help cool the body.

If your cuppa is making you feel hot, try cold tea.
Make tea from your favourite tea or blend such as black,green, rooibos, herbal and allow to cool. Add to taste a little grape, or pomegranate juice to sweeten. Or even some honey,concentrated pear juice or stevia for extra sweet. I like my tea with a lime wedge and some mint leaves.
If you like fizzy drinks try adding some sparkling water to your tea brew, or a dash of juice with a lemon wedge can be most refreshing in sparkling water, and a lot cheaper and safer than commercial fizzy drinks.

Lately a nasty diarrhea and vomiting bug has been making the rounds along with the very painful and sudden cystitis.
Both are easily treated with herbal medicine and usually respond within a day, often quicker than drug solutions.
I am not opposed to antibiotics when needed but prolonged or frequent use will impact your immune system and contributes to super-bugs which are antibiotic resistant.

So lets not fall forward into the possible and imagined stress of hurricanes or tsunami, be prepared for sure, but lets live here and now today in this beautiful and special place. Today is all any of us really have.

Here to help, creating safe affordable, non toxic herbal healing solutions.

Janine Williams N.D. & M.H.D

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