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Fix Dog Ailments with Herbal Medicine

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By Janine Williams ND MHD
February 23, 2010

Dogs – Mans Greatest Servant

For twenty years now I have been learning from dogs how to fix doggies ailments with Herbal Medicine.
Through my human patients I have been given the opportunity to learn about dogs and Herbal Medicine. When patients have clearly brilliant results with Herbal Medicine the next obvious step is often ” Can you help my dog ” with there joints, incontinence, thunderstorm stress, skin problems, and so on.

We ...

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Summer and Stress

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By Janine Williams
January 31, 2011


How shocking is this year’s summer flooding ?
We might not have our sometimes brutal temperatures but instead its dramatic and scary weather events.
As we realize our lifestyles and homes are so precious and fragile its easy to feel stressed.
Most of us feel safe to the degree we feel we are in control, our fears are being triggered as we see such drastic media images.
Eventually ...

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